Contacts: Тrainings, seminars, courses, Russian martial arts.

Russian martial arts, (RMA) self-defense, fighting art, survival in Europe Riga, Latvia!
RMA Trainings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Monday, Wednesday at 18:30, On Fridays at 18:00, Latvia, Riga, no problem with
free parking!
Tel: E-mail: Any questions - please write or call! There may be individual Russian Martial Arts training, as agreed.
BONUS Introductory lesson for free!
We are interested in development of the Russian martial arts Fight of "RMA" and we look for partners, in other cities and
the countries! If you have an interest and desire will be glad to any cooperation!

Self-defense on the street has always been and will be actual! Believe in yourself and come! Only the beginning! Your safety - in your hands!

Russian martial arts izvor

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