seminars, courses, Russian martial arts, in Europe Riga, Latvia.

We organizes and conducts RMA seminars & courses on fighting and self defense based
on the principles of the Russian martial arts.
The next Russian Martial Arts seminar:
04-05.11.2016. Russian martial arts Seminar course on effective system of self-defense,
the principles of RMA.
We invite you 06. 2017. on a seminar on Russian fighting art "IZVOR", Riga, Latvia. Instructor Michail Grudev & RMA Instructor Rob. The seminar will pass 3 days.

Russian Martial Arts seminars

The program of a seminar can be on the subject chosen by you, or the instructor can give all necessary (exercises for development, etc.) having seen your level. Subjects - a survival in the conditions of real danger, performance of a certain task and etc.
Singularity of our actions is that participants offer models of real situations which happened to them or their acquaintances in life. Our task to sort a situation, to understand how in it to carry itself. We will not only discuss various situations, but also to try to decide them practically that is very important.
We will organize RMA seminars on following fighting sections:
«A personal security of citizens» - fight conducting in various situations and places, use of improvised subjects as the weapon and special application, opposition to several opponents.
«The punch technics» - drawing of blows from any positions, blows without scope keeping power, speed, seriality, blows in fight and in an orchestra, in a close premise and on any distance, various and variability, high speed.
«Special preparation» - instant attack and neutralization of the opponent, mental conditions in fight, detention and a convoy, profitability and rationality of actions, performance of fighting mountain preparationand special problems. All studied material is taught by principles of Russian martial art.
Subjects and cost of a seminar the contractual.
Russian martial arts Seminars in Europe, Latvia, Riga, club.

Russian Martial Arts courses

Russian Martial Arts Courses, RMA Courses in Europe, Latvia, Riga, club.
Course T.S.A. on effective system of self-defense, the principles of RMA as agreed..
Course mountain preparation.
Rescue efforts.


There may be individual Russian Martial Arts training, or RMA Course as agreed.
As individual lessons are conducted.
The program of RMA trainings can be chosen as you, or the instructor can give everything
necessary (exercises, etc. for development) having seen your level.
Very well if you are able accurately to set the task that you want
to receive during occupations.


We invite you on a Seminar, Course or regular Training Russian martial arts
(Russian fighting art IZVOR) in Riga, Latvia, Europe. RMA Instructor Rob.








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